The Last Impresario at Sydney Film Festival 2014

The Last Impresario is in competition at the Sydney Film Festival. Recently acquired by distributors Dog wolf and Umbrella, the documentary about the most famous person you've never heard of makes it's way to Australian cinemas in June.

  • Director Gracie Otto
  • Producer Nicole O’Donohue
  • Editor: Karen Johnson
  • Post Production: Craig Deeker / Gingerbreadman
  • Composer: Micheal Yezerski
  • Sound Designer: Lawrence Horne
  • Audio Post Production: Earcraft
  • Australia 2013
  • 83 mins

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Working for Nylon

Very pleased to have recently joined Australia's leading commercial Audio Post and Music facility. Nylon have studios in Sydney and New York and can be heard on TVC's all around the globe.

Oh Lucie! for Please Magazine, Paris

Video by Olivia da Costa and Nicole Rose Coloured World. Model Hanna @ Viva. Styling by Julie Nivert. Hair by Laurent Mole. Makeup by Dariia Day. Music and Sound Design by Lawrence Horne.

Life is Beautiful at Rome Film Festival 2014

Erasmus compiled a few thousand Adagia, each exemplifies the classical truths that are our timeless and everyday wisdom. Life is Beautiful shows us just how wondrous life really is, by reflecting, quietly manipulating and exposing every day moments and scenes in 30 short stories.

Directors: Mark de Cloe & Jeroen Berkvens
Editors: Moek de Groot, Marc Bechtold
Music: Lawrence Horne, Rainer Hensel
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne, Tim van Peppen
Country: the Netherlands

Mystery Road at London Film Festival

"Tech package is aces down the line, highlighted by Sen’s widescreen 5k lensing on the Red Epic camera and some particularly complex sound work, which emphasizes the determined clonk of Swan’s cowboy boots, the cacophony of gunplay echoing off buttes, and the whisper of the eternal outback wind."  Variey Magazine

"Everything looks so clean and crisp, and this is bolstered by the incredible pin-drop sound design. There are a few chords of discordant music but for the majority it is a silent, dusty and haunting trek through a place Jay once called home, and this evocative location comes to life."  Melbourne Film Festival 2013

Staring: Hugo Weaving, Ryan Kwanten, Aaron Pedersen
Director: Ivan Sen
Production Company: Dark Matter
Producer: David Jowsey
Editor: Ivan Sen
Post Production: The Gingerbreadman
Sound Design and Audio Post Supervision: Lawrence Horne

Last Impressario at London Film Festival

Michael White might just be the most famous person you’ve never heard of. A notorious London theatre and film impresario, he produced over 300 shows and movies over the last 50 years. Bringing to the stage the risqué productions of Oh! Calcutta!, The Rocky Horror Show and to the screen Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, as well as introducing Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch and Yoko Ono to London audiences, he irrevocably shaped the cultural scene of the 1970s London. Playboy, gambler, bon vivant, friend of the rich and famous, he is now in his eighties and still enjoys partying like there’s no tomorrow. In this intimate documentary, filmmaker Gracie Otto introduces us to this larger-than-life phenomenon. Featuring interviews with 50 of his closest friends including Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, John Waters and Barry Humphries and, of course, the man himself, Otto pays a vibrant tribute to a fascinating entertainer.

  • Director Gracie Otto
  • Producer Nicole O’Donohue
  • Editor: Karen Johnson
  • Head of Post: Craig Deeker
  • Composer: Micheal Yezerski
  • Sound Designer: Lawrence Horne
  • Australia 2013
  • 83 mins
  • Production company Wildflower Films

C'est la vie

Director: Simone Rovellini
DOP: Davide Gatti
Staring: Simona Tarasco, Toni Pandolfo, Ambrogio Avogadri, Mirko Ciotta
Music e sound design: Piers Burbrook de Vere, Jeremy Yang, Lawrence Horne
Voice over: Raffaele Fallica - ADC 
Set decoration: Henriette Vittadini
Make-up: Vessy Vissotchkova


Almost 25 years after making his screen debut as the lead in John Hillcoat's intense prison thriller Ghosts..Of The Civil Dead, Australian actor David Field has returned to prison for the setting of his second feature as director, Convict.

Field co-directs this time with George Basha, who wrote the script for both this and Field's debut feature The Combination. Both Field and Basha also act in Convict.

Ray (George Basha) finds himself serving two years for manslaughter by the same government he served and fought for. He is sent to a prison built by the original convicts. From the day that he arrives he is given special attention. He is pushed mentally and physically. He has to learn how to navigate his way around the internal politics and turf wars that exist inside the prison just to survive.

Directors: David Field + George Basha
Editor: Mic Gruchy
Composer: Jodi Phillis
Cinematographer: Andre Deubel
Sound Design & Audio Post Supervision: Lawrence Horne

Mystery Road opens Sydney Film Festival

n his astonishing and mesmerising new film, Ivan Sen (Beneath CloudsDreamland;Toomelah, SFF Official Competition 2011) uses the conventions of the Western and the police procedural in a subtle examination of the social and political context of a small town in the Australian Outback.

Indigenous detective Jay Swan (an impressive Aaron Pedersen) returns to his remote hometown and his first case is the murder of a teenage girl. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the big city, when Jay returns he is alienated from both the police force and his community, including his own daughter. Though thwarted in his investigations by a lack of cooperation from the locals, and a lack of interest from his fellow cops, Jay gradually unravels a complex crime web.

Directing a stellar Australian cast including Hugo Weaving, Ryan Kwanten, Jack Thompson, Tasma Walton, Damian Walshe-Howling and Samara Weaving, Sen has made a suspenseful and intelligent mystery aided by terrific performances. The Outback, in all its widescreen glory, plays its part too. Showing himself to be as astute at directing action scenes as he is at making incisive social commentary, the multi-talented Sen's Mystery Road is all the more remarkable given that he directed, wrote, shot, edited and scored the film.

Director: Ivan Sen
Production Company: Dark Matter
Producer: David Jowsey
Editor: Ivan Sen
Post Production: The Gingerbreadman
Sound Design and Audio Post Supervision: Lawrence Horne

Manmares premieres at LA Film Festival

Marvin can't sleep. And it's because of you!
In a world of surreal creatures Marvin, a grown up monster, keeps having nightmares about those horrible mythic creatures from fairy-tales - humans.

Director: Sean Gaji
Editor: Jasper Quispel
Composer: Johan Hoogewijs
Sound Designe: Lawrence Horne


Godel Incomplete at Cinequest, Los Angeles

Like most great discoveries, the first time was an accident...
A short film about time travel; a love story between one of the great minds of the 20th Century, Kurt Gödel and a lonely particle physicist.

Staring: Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gastsby) & Matt Zeremes
Director: Martha Goddard
Editor: Gwendalina Sputore
Cinematographer: Ross Giardina
Composer: Basil Hogios
Sound Designer: Lawrence Horne

Bedlam Premiere Chauvel Cinema Sydney

 Chauvel Cinema, Paddington, Sydney
Tuesday 28th August

Feature FIlm (35m)
Director: Chew Barker
Producer: Matt Durrant
D.O.P: Chris Bland
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

Love Untitled on Portable

"Using a Pablo Neruda poem at the core, Horniak cinematically discovers the world that you share when you are in love, but also combines the world that you create for yourself. And it is through the tentative daily gestures between the couple that you can see the peaks and depths; the erratic nature of love— feeling momentary hate, which immediately translates into passion." 

Review and Interview

Director: Maia Horniak
Composer: Basil Hogios
Sond Design: Lawrence Horne

'Hemel' Australian Premiere at SFF

Sacha Polak's beautifully shot and sexually frank debut feature is about a young Dutch woman's seemingly never-ending quest to determine the difference between sex and love. 

After winning the  FIPRESCI Prize at the Berlinale 2012 the film has become popular on the festival circuit, Hemel has it's Australian Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival, view the link for details SFF

Director: Sacha Polak 
Cinematography: Daniel Bouquet
Editor: Alex Skovdal
Sound Editor: Lawrence Horne 
Audio Post Supervisor & Mixer: Jan Schermer 
Sound Facility: Warnier Posta

'Concrete' Premiere at VIVID

MCA Syndey, Wednesday 6th June 2012, 8:30pm


Director: Nicole Rose 
Composer: Basil Hogios 
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne 

Satellite Boy

In a remote community where life is cheap, and people struggle to survive, one small Aboriginal boy shows us how courage can conquer even the greatest odds.

Director: Catriona Mackenzie 
Editor: Henry Dangar
Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Music: David Bridie
Sound Supervisor / Mixer: Phill Judd 
ADR Recirdist: Lawrence Horne


'Love Untitled' selected for St Kilda

As the sun sets on an argument, love hides in unspoken dreams

Mais Horniak's film 'love untitled' will premiere as part of the st. kilda film festival in Melbourne May 26. 

Director: Maia Horniak
D.O.P: Callan Green
Grade & Online: Craig Deeker
Composer: Basil Hogios
Sond Design: Lawrence Horne

Film trilogy for Francois Champsaur

Parfum de regrets


La cabane a marseille

Francois Champsaur

Director: Gracie Otto
Composer: Rapheal Elig
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

'How to train your dragon' unleashed in Melbourne

'How to train your dragon' the arena spectacular premiered in Melbourne last week and will soon make it's way across the country, to New Zealand and around the world. I was very lucky to assist composer Basil Hogios as a music editor on material which he had recorded with Sigour Ros in Iceland over a 3 week period. The Show features score from himself, John Powell and Jonsi (Sigour Ross). Made by Dreamworks and the people who produced 'walking with dinosars' this show will no doubt be amazing!

Nicole Rose - from here I watch

A lingering interest in the mechanism of illusion manifests itself within Nicole Rose’s first exhibition, ‘From Here I Watch’. The exhibition is an artistic opportunity to place what is displaced and Rose’s film re-configures and re-contex-tualizes whilst retaining an essence, untouched.

Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne 1st March 6 - 8pm

Photography: Marnie Haddad
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Styling: Haley Callender
Make-up: Najda Mott


Nina Satana Premiere Nederland 2

Director: Bram Schouw
Editor: Stanley Kolk
DOP: Jasper Wolf
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne & Jan Schermer
Audio Post Facility: Warnier Posta

View Film Here!

Hemel to Premiere at Berlin IFF 2012


During her nightly escapades Hemel searches for the difference between sex and love. Sometimes she leads, sometimes the men with whom she sleeps. The most important person in Hemel's life is Gijs, her father, who works in an auction house. After the early passing of her mother Hemel grew up with him alone. Just like Hemel, Gijs is restless and isn't committed to anyone except for his daughter. This changes when Gijs falls in love with the young auctioneer Sophie.

Director: Sacha Polak
Cinematography: Daniel Bouquet
Editor: Alex Skovdal
Sound Editor: Lawrence Horne
Sound Design & Mix: Jan Schermer
Audio Post Facility: Warnier Posta

Sterkste man van Nederland wins Prizes

Mark de Cloe's television film 'The strongest man from Holland' recently won the 'European Grand Prize' for best television drama in Berlin and a golden elephant award for best screenplay in India. 

It was also nominated for best film at the Cinekid film festival in Amsterdam and has been shown at film festivals in The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Japan and Korea.

Production Company: NL Film
Director: Mark de Cloe
Editor: Moek de Groot
Composer: Rainer Hensel
Sound Design & MIx: Lawrence Horne

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Alice by Australian Director Nicole Rose

Arabella Ramsay’s A/W collection was borne out of earth and sky of Alice Springs. The collection interprets the natural environment with spirit, a nod to country crafts and bohemian homespun feel. The film follows two girls, as they travel through the Australian landscape; heading for the border, to The Alice. 

Director: Nicole Rose
Director of Photography: Stefan Duscio
Editor: Ganriel Dowrick
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

Body Language takes Golden Film Prize

Body language the movie is awarded a golden film prize from the Netherlands film festival in Utrect. Over 100,000 people have now gone to see the movie in 89 Cinemas across Holland.

'Life is Beautiful' Available on DVD

Na de veelgeprezen ‘Boy Meets Girl Stories’, korte films over de liefde, laat ‘Life is Beautiful’ ons zien hoe mensen één zijn als ze hun hart vasthouden, hun hoofd verliezen of hun liefde delen. Mark de Cloe en Jeroen Berkvens om 30 korte films te maken, deels fictief, en deels documentair.

Staring: Sylvia Hoeks, Bracha van Doesburgh, Waldemar Torenstra, Robert de Hoog, Katja Herbers, Melody Klaver, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Rifka Lodeizen, Hadewych Minis, Gaite Jansen.

Directed by: Marc de Cloe en Jeroen Berkvens
Editing: Moek de Groot, Daan Wierda, Chris van Ders
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne & Tim Van Peppen
Music: Rainer Hensel & Lawrence Horne
Production Company: Submarine

NTR Kort 'Broken Promise' online

Twee Afghaanse illegalen lopen ’s nachts over straat. In het ritme van hun nachtelijke wandeling zien we hoe de Nederlandse werkelijkheid, van kale matrassen in een slooppand, breakdancen op straat en wegrennen voor de politie, wringt met telefoongesprekken met achtergebleven familieleden, die hun bezorgdheid vermengen met hoge verwachtingen. Om het thuisfront gerust te stellen, fotografeert één Afghaan zich voor een mooi huis en dure auto.

Director: Wiam Al-Zabari
Camera: Rolf Dekens
Production design: Joyce van Diepen
Set geluid: Willem de Wijs
Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Re-recording Mixer: Jan Schermer
Editor: Nikki Faberij de Jonge
Muziek: Joram Letwory
Productiebedrijf: Corrino Media Group

Keihan Popal, Saman Amini

See Film Here

'De Sterkste Man van Nederland' opens Film Festival, Seoul, Sth Korea

De twaalfjarige Luuk Bos heeft altijd gedacht dat zijn vader de Sterkste Man van de Wereld is. Zijn moeder Dorien, die hem in haar eentje heeft opgevoed, vertelde hem vroeger de prachtigste verhalen daarover. Tijdens een bezoek aan een lokale Sterkste Man-competitie ontmoet hij een deelnemer, René Doornbos, die net als hij rood haar heeft. Luuk denkt dat hij zijn vader heeft gevonden.

Cast: Bas van Prooijen en Borre Stokdijk als Luuk, Suzan Boogaerdt als Dorien, Loek Peters als Rene, Yenthe Dirks als Minke.
Production Company: NL Film
Director: Mark de Cloe
Editor: Moek de Groot
Composer: Rainer Hensel
Sound Design & MIx: Lawrence Horne


'Shocking Blue' at Seattle Film Festival

Mark de Cloe’s second feature is a touching coming-of-age drama, but also a wistful meditation on a shattered friendship. Making excellent use of the bright hues and light of a warm Dutch summer, the film unspools in romantic, almost mythic tones and clearly bodes well for the future of the country’s acting talent with its attractive and surprisingly accomplished young leads.

Staring: Ruben van Weelden, Jim van der Panne, Lisa Smit, Neils Gomperts

Director: Mark de Cloe
Writer: Celine Linssen
Editor: Marc Bechtold
DOP: Rob Hodselmans
Sound Design & Music: Lawrence Horne


'Paper Parachutes' in Cannes Short Corner

Paper Parachutes is a children's fantasy short film about obsessively ordered nine year old Miles, who receives his birthday presents via parachute from his high flying Uncle Ed. From his 9th birthday onward, Miles is on a year long mission to complete the 10 perfect paper airplanes in order to have his hero Uncle return by parachute on his 10th birthday. Miles creates such a strong imagined world about his Uncle that he almost entirely fails to see the efforts his hopeless disorganized parents make to keep his dreams alive.

Staring: Cody Peereboom, Vincent Van Ommen, Bonnie Williams

Writer & Director: Katie Pow
Producer: Eline Bakker
Editor: Saam Hodivala
Animation: Julien Maingois 
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

'Two Ships' at St. Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne

Morgan, a young woman racked with the perils of lost love, can't get to sleep. She wonders if she'll ever be able to sleep again or feel the charge of experiencing a connection with someone new. Tom, a bookish kind of guy, is bored out of his brain working the graveyard shift at a convenience store. He too is firmly stuck in a rut. Morgan ventures into the convenience store one night during a bout of insomnia. There she strikes up conversation with Tom and what unfolds over the following nights, ultimately turns life around for both of them.

Director: Nicky Arnall
Staring: Angela Carmichel, Elan Zavelsky, Dene Kermond
Editor: Louise Kan
Original Music: Oli Chang
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

'Seamstress' wins competition

'THE SEAMSTRESS'. John Jameson Productions Short Film Competition 2010 Winner.

STARRING: Barry Otto, Julie Forsyth and Mink Sadowsky as The Seamstress.

DIRECTED by Gracie Otto

PRODUCTION by Chaotic Pictures 
ART DIRECTION by Jeremy Fuller

SOUND DESIGN by Lawrence Horne


'Shifting Shelter 4' to Premiere at Message Sticks

In 1995, highly-acclaimed Indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen recorded the lives of four Indigenous 15-year-olds growing up in rural New South Wales. They discussed their future hopes and dreams with Ivan and prepared to leave the shelter of their families to begin the journey into adulthood. Shifting Shelter became the first of three 7Up style documentaries filmed in five year instalments.

The Premiere is to be held at the Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival, Sydney Opera House May 2011

Director: Ivan Sen
Editor: Karen Johnson
Sound Design & Mix: Lawrence Horne
Post Production: The Gingerbreadman